The Pyjamas

During my recovery from physical and mental illness, there was a moment when I think I might have reached that special place in the mind where brilliance meets madness, when the pyjamas I often found myself unable to get out of became my inspiration. I wondered, “Could we take the symbolism of ‘the PJ day’, both good and bad, to help make mental health an everyday conversation?”

It turns out we can… At Pjoys we’re making the most kind and sustainable PJs, designed by artists, using the PJ as a canvas to create something joyful. Our PJs, packaging, platform and people are the Trojan Horse to deliver messages of hope and help, put a spotlight on organisations doing great work in the space of mental health and share stories in order that people feel less alone. Smashing stigma, one pair of PJs at a time.


“Love my Pjoys Beautifully made (love elastic & tie waist combo + pockets + turn ups). Flattering leg (who knew that was possible in a PJ) and has definitely upgraded my nightwear. Sustainably packaged and lovely attention to detail in labelling etc, no need to gift wrap. Marvellous cotton that will only improve with wear. Good to ‘lounge’ in. Great cause. Thanks Pjoys, Emma x”