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Let’s have better and braver conversations about our mental health

“Michelle made a very daunting and overwhelming subject accessible and engaging I feel so much more confident to approach mental health issues now”

Courageous Conversations

We all have mental health. All of us. 

Why then, does it still, so often, feel difficult and embarrassing to talk about?

We’re experiencing a global mental health crisis: The World Health Organization has deemed “burnout” a recognized workplace phenomenon, the numbers of people experiencing anxiety disorders are escalating and depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. On top of that, the pandemic is fanning the flames of the crisis.

Finding the courage and a starting point to talk about how I was feeling when I experienced my own mental health challenges, was the beginning of my journey towards help and recovery, and now I’m on a mission to make mental health an easier and more everyday conversation and empower others to do the same. From the talks I give and the training courses I’ve designed to the book I’ve written, there’s a way for everyone. There are even pyjamas!

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The Awkward Pause…

Yes, it can be awkward talking about our mental health. That moment, the awkward pause, when either I’m going to tell you about my mental health or ask you about yours, well, we just don’t know what the response is going to be, and so we avoid talking about it. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable, but what if… what if we step into the space of awkward, stay there, hold that pause, own the awkward moment, no, own OUR awkward? What I have found, is that we build deeper, more meaningful relationships as a result of pushing through and having the conversation, and most importantly, when we need help or when someone needs our help, we crucially get there more quickly.

When you own your awkward, you help others own theirs.

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“Michelle is just... WOW! Her ability to hold the undivided attention of over 250 attendees for over 30 minutes speaks to her incredible level of, and insight into, the art of storytelling.”





“Such a clever writer, so tuned into what is going on with people at the moment”

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