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Through my personal story of burnout, depression, anxiety and recovery, combined with the lived experience and stories of others, my book, Own Your Awkward, and 7-Module Online Course, teaches one of the most important, yet least discussed, factors that drives stigma, fear and our hesitancy to talk easily about our mental health - WHY it feels awkward and WHAT you can do about it. This course is the perfect combination of valuable, informative and empowering. Accessible and digestible short films form the backbone of the course giving a sense of momentum and progress (there’s even an App so you can log-in anytime, anywhere). Weekly LIVE online sessions (recorded), over the first 7 consecutive weeks of access to the course, spotlight each of the modules and create a sense of community, or, if you prefer, watch them in your own time. Optional interactive exercises help information 'stick' and everyone is welcome to drop in to the weekly live Q&A. Keepable PDFs, talking frameworks and reflection tools, as well as signposting to other resources add even greater value.

It's flexible - Go at your own pace or follow in real-time. You have a full 12 months individual log-in and access.

This course will build confidence, increase a sense of capability, improve communication and unlock compassion.

7-Modules - 8 hours of core content + 7 Live sessions + 7 Live Q&A Drop-ins.

1) Why we need better and braver conversations about mental health.

2) We all have mental health. What is it, understanding it and what it looks like.

3) Why talking about mental health is awkward. Fear, belonging and gifting.

4) 4-Step Transform and Reframe. Prep for a conversation about mental health.

5) The SENSE Framework. Offering someone help. How to talk and listen.

6) The BRAVE Framework. Asking for help. Self-care isn't Selfish.

7) Wellbeing and Being-Well. Looking after yourself, looking after others.


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