The world's biggest online mental health lesson

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week in 2022 was loneliness.

Michelle Morgan and Richard McHardy brought 1000's of people from around the world TOGETHER, for just 1 hour to break some of the stigma and lack of confidence that stop us from talking about how we are feeling and coping with life, and they broke a Guinness World Record at the same time!

By talking more easily about how we are feeling and by learning new and simple skills, we begin to build our resilience, bolster our vulnerability, and mend our minds when they wobble, bend or sometimes even break. Talking helps us feel less alone. 

The Lesson

Michelle Morgan and her Psychologist Dr. Rumina Taylor, Chief Clinical Officer at HelloSelf, explained what mental health is, how it moves, signs it’s struggling, why it can be difficult and awkward to talk about, how to start a conversation and the best way to support someone.

Watch the Replay HERE